self-destruction as performance art (spankymc2teats) wrote,
self-destruction as performance art

too bored or pissed to usually post on this smack no mores

The new Frenzal Rhomb album is tops - who knows when/if it'll come out stateside - fat wreck have made no indications

my 360 broke and I had to ship it to Texas for 'free repair' (2005 model). It was signed for by a random Spainiard fellow yesterday and that's all I know since

my copy of gears of war arrived yesterday, same day my deck arrived at the repair place

sunday is when burger king starts selling games and i get to stalk young nubile teenage girls and show them my whopper. gahaf.

i work with cretins

the wii comes out sunday - me mike and james have preorders at nintendo world

stopped drinking so much. well not as much volume as frequency of volume

roughly 6 weeks to christmas break

seriously contemplating pissing away $64k on school after ~ 8 years of start & stop community college

also seriously contemplating a string of robberies to subsidize said schooling

pondering what organs i would have to sell to get through admissions

"emotions have been sold/it's only rock n roll/never build your house on sand/fuck you and your fucking emo band"

oh yeah, fuck sony and their welfare check
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